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Check Please Loves The Dumpling King

April 2, 2009
All hail the King!

All hail the King!

A few weeks ago, C and I ate at one of our favorite San Francisco restaurants, the Shanghai Dumpling King. We knew something was different as soon as we walked in — the cute family that owns and operates the King were dressed up and coordinated. Very odd. We moved through the small entry way and into the larger eating area and what do we see but a gent with a giant video camera!? We knew right away — it must be Check Please!

We had no idea when the episode would air, but C’s parents called tonight and shouted into the phone “you’re on TV!” Thanks to PBS’ tech saavy, the episode is also available online. Check it out … that’s C eating the first Xiao Long Bao (2:25), and then the two of us eating the Ma Po Tofu (4:50). We also had the Green Onion Pancakes — great for dipping in the Ma Po:

Not only did the great little restaurant get some excellent publicity, but all three reviewers loved the place! I’m so happy for the King — that family works hard, and they deserve the love.

If you’re ever hungry and want company, we’re always up for a trip to the Outer Richmond. But you’ll need to order your own dumplings — C won’t share her Baos.

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  1. Christine permalink
    April 3, 2009 7:09 am

    SDK was also just listed as “Best Pancake” for their green onion pancakes by Gridskipper:

    While I don’t generally consider green pancakes in this same category as buttermilk pancakes, more love for SDK!

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